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Other Project Management Consulting Services

Service Line



 Services in Service Line

Jordan O'Sullivan Project Management Consultant

* Execute specialised tasks for project/programme/portfolio office or manager

* Manage recovery of a troubled project

* Support project/programme  rescues with reviews, analysis, assistance or recovery plans

* Provide or facilitate independent lessons-learned reviews & evaluations

* Evaluate effectiveness of project/programme  management tools & techniques that support the development  and change management approach

* Review  completed project/programme  to distil & share good practice

* Set up and track project metrics (KPIs)

* Develop & maintain project management dashboard

* Scope management – ensure scope is clear & delineated

* Support contracts monitoring & management

* Identify skills/competencies shortages to deliver project/programme/portfolio

* Undertake project/programme  induction

* Design & support governance/reporting for projects/programmes

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